Change is good!

Hello guys!

So we have not been here for quite sometime due to many changes in life. As you guys know, life happens, so we here at Everyday Heights have decided to go on another direction. We are now called EL & E. In the continuing months, we will show and tell you guys what we are all about because this is also new to us as well. Join us in this crazy new life journey. We will still do the same things that we did on Everyday Heights. Thank you to all who have supported us since day one and also to the new kids that just joined. We really appreciate you guys!


EL & E


Christmas is over…Now what?

Christmas is over...Now what?

We still have New Years right? OK, we do have one more hurrah but how do you plan to enter the new year? Don’t make resolutions that you Know you wont stick to, but instead envision yourself as a successful risk taker. One foot in front of the other.. WE are in this together. 🙂
Share with us how YOU would like to enter the New Year↓