You Ready 2015?



Hey Guys!

Just wanted to inspire you before the year ends! So if you haven’t started planning for 2015, you are already behind!

Much love to you all and thank you to all the followers new and old. What have you guys been up to? We would love to know.. comment below!

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Hey guys!
We are so excited to announce that we will be launching our new t-shirt line! WooHoo!!!!! Stay tuned and we are so grateful for all the support that you have showed us and we are eternally grateful. So thanks guys and we will keep you posted..


Anti- Social Much??

Anti- Social Much??

Lately, I have been noticing that the world is getting less social and more “social” only on the media. Saying Good morning to your neighbor or calling up an old friend on the phone is getting to be more and more of a taboo. The biggest one of all, is when you meet someone and instead of going up to say, Hi, you would rather “friend” them on Facebook before actually getting to know them on a personal level. Lets make a change and be the change. Next time you meet someone say Hi to them before “friending” them online. Be more social because you never know what things could lead up to. Comment below on some of the “Ice breakers” you use when meeting new people.

Are you missing??

Are you missing??

It seems like our generation has been consumed with tweets and statuses rather than their own personal goals and ambitions. These days, its so easy to be involved with other peoples lives rather than our own. We need to wake up and focus on ourselves rather than the next fashion trend. Focus on yourself, because the person you’re idolizing is busy focusing on themselves and could care less about you. The question is, are you M.I.A?